Tomori Bay Marine Park

20 10 2007

The beauty of tomori bay has become a local legend. the traditional fishermen on Rumbia and Pengia islands; Batu Payung or Batu Apali which shape resembles to that of an umbrella; Gua Telapak Tangan Kanan which has a right hand print on it walls; and Tempayan Besar of Gililana, which shaped a large stone water reservoir, are the object of interest that attract many visitors to Tomori Bay.

Pristine waters and a beautiful underwater scenery at Pengia and Tomori islands would always tempmts visitors to spend time at this bay which faces kolonodale town. not to mention Tappo Hulu or Gua Telapak Tangan Kiri which has a left hand print on its walls and a male sceleton of unknown origin buried at Gua Batu Putih.

Meanwhile, the strings of Lampu, Tokabe, Bunda and Tomori islands, which are covered by coconut trees, seemingly continue to attract teh praise of the visitors.




One response

20 10 2007

morowali is the best 😀

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